The Allotment Association does not endorse any of the following suppliers but theses are companies that are regularly used by BA&NES allotment holders.

  • Muck N Mulch Composting, discount available on 30 bags plus, Lower Common East allotments have ordered from this supplier several times. Very rich compost, may not be so good for seeds, but excellent for established plants.
  • Woodland Horticultural Supplies, as used by Charles Dowding the “No Dig” guru. Best for bulk orders.
  • Mike Osborne, used by many allotment holders. Rotted cow manure and straw, though it is rotted, it is still quite lumpy, best kept for a year and sandwiched between leaves or other compost materials. Delivered by tractor, full trailer or half trailer available. Telephone 07746 038983
  • Ronald Heath, Hop Mulch, excellent as a weed supressant cover. Delivered to your plot in 10 40L trugs for £10. Profits go to Dorothy House. Telephone 07807 254984 or
  • The Trading Hut now only stocks peat free compost, when we can get it. Check before coming
  • Joe Bowers Telephone 07491 585565 a one man operation, discount on larger quantities of compost and horse manure, delivered to your plot.
  • Beauports Supplies
    Charlie Beauport 07414 774148, Beauport Website
    Currently (April 23) offering 1 ton bags for £40

If members have any recommendations please send them to the Trading Hut

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