You can find details of the successful bid by clicking on the link below. Please get in touch by emailing if you would like to be involved.

Water Capture Initiatives

In the first phase of the project we are offering lost cost water butts on selected sites. If you are a member on any of the following sites and want more details, please email

Bloomfield Road, Claremont, Fairfield Park, King George’s Road, Lyncombe Hill Farm, Lyncombe Vale, Mendip Gardens, Monksdale

King Georges Road

Installing a Water Butt

Have a look at this YouTube video for straightforward guidance on installing a water butt.

Installing a Water Butt

Wildlife Initiatives

Missed our recent Zoom talk on Wildlife, Water and Wellbeing by Dorothea Orme?

Catch up here?

Regenerative Growing Initiatives

We are looking for a small number of members who would like to trial the use of regenerative growing practices on their plots. Participants in the project will receive advice from our local experts customised to their plot and the Association will fund any relevant soil or water testing. If you are interested in moving to a more nature friendly way of growing, contact us at

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